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Green Dot

The Green Dot strategy seeks to permanently reduce rates of interpersonal violence (e.g., dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault) by establishing two cultural norms on college campuses: 1) Interpersonal violence will not be tolerated; and 2) Everyone is expected to do their part to prevent it. To engage individuals in new behavior, the strategy focuses on 5 steps: 1) Inviting people to reconsider their role in prevention; 2) Inspiring them to believe things can be different and their contribution matters; 3) Engaging them in highly interactive education that equips them with the motivation, knowledge, and skill to take action (this includes 60-90 minute overview talks for students, faculty, and staff as well as a 4-6 hour bystander skills training); 4) Strengthening new behaviors through reinforcement, practice, and multiple exposures to key messages through booster sessions, social marketing, and action events; and 5) Sustaining the resulting changes by integrating key messages into permanent infrastructure.

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3.2 out of 5.0

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4.6 out of 5.0


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