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Emily Panich

Feb. 1st, 2019

"If you are looking for a program to get your students to engage, interact, and learn from, then this is the program for you. Our students really enjoyed U GOT THIS! Many students made comments such as, "I loved that it wasn't just someone talking to me, it was interactive and engaging." The training modules were also the perfect length of time to keep the attention of our students but also to educate them on sexual assault. We loved that we were able to track our students completion rate and that we were able to add in information about our own institution. The few minor issues we encountered were solved quickly as the communication with the Catharsis company was wonderful! I would strongly recommend checking this program out!"

Anne Hollis

Feb. 1st, 2019

"In summer of 2018 we included U GOT THIS! as part of our Freshman Orientation. The response we received from the students was overwhelmingly positive. They reported the program was unlike any others they had participated within the past. They appreciated the fact that it was highly interactive and the program responded to them as unique users. It was not your "typical, boring, canned" online training. I had a student disclose that she was nervous to come forward with reporting an incident, but because of the training she felt more comfortable and trusted that we took this issue seriously. U GOT THIS! helped empower her to seek the services she needed. As an administrator I can say that Catharsis, the company behind U GOT THIS! is wonderful to work with. Their customer service and responsiveness is top notch. While we were unique in how we launched the program, and our vision created more work for their staff, they worked hard to meet our needs. I have appreciated their dedication to getting this message out to students. We are looking forward to many years of U GOT THIS! on our campus and are excited to have just booked our first live programming, Beat the Blame Game for this spring."


Oct. 9th, 2018

"I was thoroughly surprised by this program. Their ability to adapt to student responses was phenomenal. We were able to add in information about our own institution such as confidential reporting sources and information about our policies. I was also pleased to see that they offered a feature for students who felt that completing the program would trigger them. We were able to engage students who identified themselves through this and arrange alternatives to the program. Catharsis also made it very easy to track our students progress and we always were able to reach someone if we had questions and got very responsive feedback. They also offered a variety of add ons to help assess the effectiveness of the program for your students. Having data to back up your programming is always great and when you don't have to be the one to collect it, its a bonus. It is always hard to get students to complete programs so the length of each module was greatly appreciated. We felt like asking for a total of 45 minutes was manageable for our students. Over all the program was well received and we have not heard any negatives from the online U Got This! or live productions we have used. I would definitely recommend checking them out."