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Program Details

The Date Safe Project, Inc. is shifting the paradigm from a "Don't Perspective" to a "How To Do - the RIGHT WAY!”. Young adults absolutely appreciate having positive actions they want to take immediately following the program, instead of only being told what "Not To Do." When your students leave our program, they will have learned life skills to make a difference in both their own lives and in the lives of others. Imagine if more students took the following 3 actions:
1) "Asking First" to ensure consent,
2) Intervening when alcohol is being used to take advantage of someone at a party/club, and
3) "Opening a Door" for sexual assault survivors to come forward.
More students taking these actions would result in you having greater support to create continual, positive changes in your school and community. You would have students wanting to get involved in efforts to impact your community. A larger number of survivors would be aware of their options and the occurrences of sexual assault would be reduced!

Contact information

PO Box 20906
Postal code
Greenfield WI 53220
Contact name
Rita Hookstead


Institution type
University / College (4 year), Community College (2 year), Graduate, Professional
Age group
Traditional Age (18-24)
General Student Body, Freshmen / Incoming Students, Athletes, Greek
Delivery method
In-Person Presentation, Interactive Theatre, Training for Peer Facilitation, Training for Faculty Facilitation
Multi Session
Alcohol and Sexual Assault, Awareness, Bystander Intervention, Consent, Dating Violence, Drug Use and Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault
Session details
Multi Session



While away at college at the age of 19, Mike Domitrz received a phone call that would change his life forever and would lead to the founding of The Date Safe Project, Inc. The phone call was Mike’s Mom calling to inform him that his sister Cheri had been raped. As he struggled to deal with this tragedy, Mike was continually inspired by his sister’s strength and courage as a survivor. Over the next year, Mike wanted to address this issue in a meaningful and constructive way that would help reduce sexual assault from happening to others. With input from experts and educators, Mike wrote and started presenting a one-person show using humor and anecdotes to open people’s minds to this issue of consent and respect – to prevent sexual violence from happening. The name of the presentation became “Can I Kiss You?” and has gone onto to be presented in schools, universities, communities, military installations, and at conferences throughout the world to over 40,000 people a year. But back in 1991, most middle schools, high schools, and even universities were scared to openly discuss sexual assault with their students, especially having a guest speaker who was a college student. While the culture wasn’t ready with open arms, Mike didn’t give up. Over the next decade, he worked as a DJ and a state championship high school swimming and diving coach where he honed his skills in interactive education, connecting with people of all ages (especially teens), performing in front of small and large audiences, and handling high-pressure situations with tough audiences. His perseverance prevailed in 2002 when he sold his DJ business and decided to focus solely on sharing the “Can I Kiss You?” program with the world. Within twelve months, he was speaking in over 50 educational institutions throughout North America. In 2003, Mike founded The DATE SAFE Project, Inc. – an organization dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the many issues surrounding sexual assault and healthy intimacy. We are honored to be one of the leading organizations for creating educational materials on consent, respect, bystander intervention, sexual assault, supporting survivors, and helping families. Schools, parents, students, community organizations, crisis centers, and the military constantly tell us they turn to The DATE SAFE Project, Inc. for building a culture of consent and respect.

Theory of change

Date Safe focuses on areas identified by research as being effective in reducing victimization - the Date Safe Project focuses on key areas (culture of assault, body language, etc.), research has identified as critical indicators or components of sexual assault.

Research informed

Date Safe employs an evidenced-based pedagogy - the pedagogies (ordering of sessions, role playing, etc.) used by the Date Safe Project are found in the research to be highly effective when educating its audiences.

Trauma informed

The DATE SAFE Project takes a "Trauma Informed" approach to all of our programming, including creating a safe space for survivors in attendance and/or participating.


Violence Against Women Act

The Date Safe Project, Inc. programs and trainings acknowledge and incorporate the mission of the "Violence Against Women Act." A key part of our programming is to bring awareness to survivors and educate audience members on how to open the door so more survivors feel they can come forward.  In addition, throughout our programming we provide audience members the necessary local resources to find any help if needed. In addition, we provide life-changing skill sets to our audience members to be able to intervene to prevent sexual assault and dating violence from occurring.


Title IX


Evaluation and Performance Assessments

Evidence based

A third-party research firm conducted a study showing the "Can I Kiss You?" program produces results that are statistically significant. All constructs were researched-based and were found to have strong content and construct validity and high internal and external reliability.

Outcome evaluations to measure whether anticipated outcomes have been reached, Satisfcation surveys from participants, Qualitative feedback
Research conductor
Independent researcher


Customization method
Welcome message, Survivor support/resource information, Police/reporting information
Is data collected?
Data accessors
Only the Date Safe Project & the officials who bring us into their campus. Names are not accessible
Is data personalized?


Pricing model
Overall fee
Pricing model fees


Turnaround period

Dependent on scheduling

Implementation support

All contracting assistance, marketing assistance, and available for any questions or support needed

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