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Can I Kiss You?

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University of Illinois

Sept. 29th, 2018

"Great program"

Hawaii Community College

Sept. 28th, 2018

"My school has been sending out emails for volunteers to help them improve sexual assault prevention. They really show that they are trying to be a part of the solution"

David Berns

Sept. 27th, 2018


Courtney coco

Sept. 27th, 2018

"Overall good experience staff could step up knowledge alittle though."

Martin Willow Hunley-Bota

Sept. 14th, 2018

"It was a very moving speech."

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Sept. 13th, 2018

"Loved how blunt and spunky he was. It was an excellent time. Definitely well worth however much money we paid for him. It was tremendous. Loved all the t shirts and give-aways and hot shorts. It was phenomenal."

united states merchant marine academy

Sept. 13th, 2018

"It was alright but the generalization towards all males was harsh"

Joshua Sappington

Sept. 13th, 2018

"Okay, but not really necessary to have an entire dinner dedicated to the event"

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Sept. 13th, 2018

"I thought the presentation was able to break through to the majority of the audience in attendance. My school tends to maintain a gang mentality during lecturers both in small and large gatherings. He was able to hold the attention of every Midshipman and if someone were to act out of line, he professionally scolded them. I think everyone learned something about how to date someone safely that day regardless of gender."


Sept. 13th, 2018

"I thought this program was well constructed and organized with a good balance of professionalism or seriousness as well as an entertaining factor."